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The Team

Who are we? What a question, right? And impossible to answer within this measly paragraph.

Much like you, we are many things.

Adventure photographers, travellers, sunset chasers, experience collectors, time travel aspirants, star gazers, waterfall enthusiasts, devotee of sea animals, friends of the open road, Mama Nature worshippers, peanut butter eaters, coconut oil advocates, lovers of love.


Originally from the south of the African continent we  have lived and worked abroad in Thailand and Seoul, South Korea. We have also worked remotely with various local brands and companies, as well as for clients from New York,  California, Hong Kong, Seoul, South East Asia and Europe. 

We have now set down our bags and are here to seek The Great Perhaps in Cape Town, South Africa. We're here to grab all the love that we can find, source perfectly ripe avocados, chase the sunrise, and say excellent things to the universe.

Hire us to capture whatever magic sets your heart alight. 



Peruse Taryn's instagram account below to get to know us a little better.

our working partners

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