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Anouk and Dirk

Durbanville, Cape Town

Determinedly climbing over sharp, barbed-wire gates (with the farmer’s permission); ducking under fences, running into dried, grassy fields; and getting bitten by bugs – we all left this photo shoot grinning widely with thorns in our socks and scratches on our calves. Well worth it for the magic that we captured.


Myself and Michael have been fortunate to photograph a wide range of people, places and situations but never before had we met a couple quite as determined, adventurous and enthusiastic as Anouk and Dirk in finding the perfect location for their engagement shoot.


The couple glows with love and warmth and a special spark seems to fill them both as we convince them to run around and jump into each other’s arms. We take short water breaks and try to catch our breath but as the sun starts to dip below the horizon, the fields turn the colour of honey and we start working in earnest.

Bohemian feels and warm, amber tones pave the way for these beautiful images.


What a treat this photo shoot was.

Pure, golden hour magic with a couple of love-birds at centre stage.

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