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Kayleigh, Tom and Domino

Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town

Rhodes Memorial is an often-overlooked gem nestled on the slopes of Devil’s Peak in the heart of the bustling Mother City. Filled with stunning views of industrial Cape Town, lush shrubbery; and hidden nooks and crannies – the location offers diverse and dreamy photo opportunities.


Kayleigh, Tom and Domino arrive and we all begin scampering around the national landmark with the excited pup taking the lead. We run from mountain viewpoint, to trees, to interesting architecture, to panoramic viewpoints. We snap furiously in the last few minutes while the setting sun and the rising moon both make appearances in the rose-coloured sky.


The couple shines with exuberance, love and patience as we encourage them to run about and frolic in the forest. Domino takes centre stage (as enthusiastic pups are known to do) and we all do our best to keep up. Kayleigh and Tom are undoubtedly two of the sweetest and goofiest people that we know and photographing their unique magic is the perfect way to wrap up a warm Sunday evening.


Metaphorically cheers-ing my glass to friendships, the colour green, love in all its forms, the power of a camera and pixels, and the corners of someone’s eyes when they laugh.

How wonderful it can sometimes be to be human.

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