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Caitlin and Elliott

Blouberg Beach, Cape Town

"Mama, mama! Beach beach beeeeach!" Elliott repeats, starfish hands clapping in glee while Caitlin pulls on his rubber boots and unclips him from his car seat. A no easy feat with an animated, squirming toddler. She distracts him with a bowl of berries. Lo and behold it works. For approximately 7 seconds. 

It is still winter in Cape Town and while the icy wind clings to the back of my neck, the sunshine fights through the clouds. The sea sparkles, seaweed lines the shore, and gulls circle ahead. We all keep a watchful eye on the rouge waves as the excited toddler plays at the water's edge. 
Elliott scoops up fistfuls of seashells and Caitlin scoops him up again and again as we click away. Laughter and the roar of the ocean fill the air - something that a camera and pixels can't document. And yet here we are, trying anyway. 

The sound of the sea blocks out all attempts at us orchestrating any poses and instead myself and Michael settle for watching them play organically in the foamy waves. Eyes to the viewfinder, big smiles on both our faces we stare fondly at the lovely mother-son duo bathed in golden hour and ocean spray.With tangled hair and goosebumps spreading across our arms we chase the sunset, teeth chattering until the glow of the moon is in the sky and the pastel pinks have long since disappeared.


Tired and happy we make our way to the carpark. Elliott's eyes are heavy, his gumboots filled with sand. We settle him into the car and blast the heating, defrosting our toes and blowing hot air onto our fingers.We drive away - pebbles in our pockets, kisses on our cheeks.

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