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Michael, Robynn and Cooper

Newlands Forest, Cape Town

Pictured here in Newlands Forest are two of the most wonderful people in all the universe.


Really. You should trust me on this.

Playful exuberance, gentle kindness and a special kind of weirdness seem to shine out of this couple; and on a warm Saturday in August myself and Michael were privileged enough to attempt documenting this. Extraordinary ordinary love. What an honour.

Plus, you guys, they now have a puppy! People of the Internet, meet Cooper.


Shadows stretch across the leaves and the sun-dappled light slowly deepens as the sun sinks in the sky on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. We instruct the high-school sweethearts to run under the canopy of trees many many times in an attempt at capturing a few action shots and the wet soil squelches under our boots.

Red mud clings to our boots and dry leaves find their way onto my fringe. I pick twigs off Cooper’s fur and he licks me thinking that this is all part of the strange game where the humans outrun and outplay him.

The puppy photo-bombs any attempts at a carefully curated scene and we all end up laughing as Cooper prances around, finds a stick and howls at the river.


Puppies, much like toddlers, do not follow the instructions of the photographer. And later after viewing some of the candid images of the Golden Retriever running blissfully and beautifully through the forest, I can’t help but think ‘thank goodness for that’.

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