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We are all spinning on a nuclear inferno going 1,675 kilometres per hour. Which would mean that while you have been reading this paragraph you have travelled through time and space. What a thought. What a miracle.


And on this orbiting planet, in a world of roughly seven billion, the fact that you have somehow found a partner, a friend, a child, or a family to call your own is such a cosmic wonder, such a gift, such a cause for giddy, unabashed celebration.


And we want to document this miracle. We want to capture this marvel. At Peanut Butter Visuals we pride ourselves on our passion for adventurous love and our ability to capture the essence and spirit of a relationship.

We want to give you photos and videos that you can treasure. Visuals that highlight and encapsulate your own, special and unique brand of magic, weirdness and love.

Blouberg Beach, Cape Town


Newlands Forest, Cape Town


Silvermine Reserve, Cape Town


Signal Hill. Cape Town

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