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Bianca and Lee

Signal Hill. Cape Town

Panoramic viewpoints, quiet forests, and a field of spring flowers are just some of the hidden delights that await a photoshoot on Signal Hill. We meet the newly engaged couple, Bianca and Lee, in the parking lot and begin shooting the lovely pair almost immediately.


As instructed, they are in comfortable shoes and we all do our fair share of cardio up and down the twists and turns. The evening air is warm and there is hardly a breath of wind – a rare and magical occurrence in the Mother City.

The couple twirl around overlooking Lion’s Head, run hand-in-hand along the road, and frolic in the flower fields. They are filled with light and laughter and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of their magic. The setting sun turns the sky the colour of apricots and the city lights below slowly twinkle on.

With a box of burned sparklers in my handbag, yellow petals in Bianca’s hair, and the moon making an appearance, we all part ways – big smiles, tired feet, full hearts. What a treat.

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